Discord Bot Tutorial – Make a Bot in under 10 minutes

New application button. You’ll see this to the right facet of the browser. A window will pop up to your app’s name.

kind in the software’s name and click on “Create.” you may want to create a call this is descriptive, like “Greeterbot” in case your app bot greets people. but, “Greeterbot” will most in all likelihood trigger mistakes afterward because it’s a popular call, so upload a chain of numbers after the name, like “Greeterbot38764165441.”

Create a Bot in Discord bot

Click Bot inside the left-hand menu. that is additionally the jigsaw puzzle piece icon.

Create a Bot in Discord

Click on add Bot. this is beneath the “build-A-Bot” header.Click “sure, do it!” within the pop-as much as verify your motion.In case you get an error approximately the name being too famous, visit the utility web page and trade the app name. as an example, “tune Bot” turned into too famous, so adding some numbers to the cease of the app helped.

Create a Bot in Discord

Click click to reveal Token. You’ll see this in the facts place of your bot. while you click that textual content, you see a string of letters and numbers.

Click “reproduction” to copy all that textual content. you can paste it on a sticky word somewhere, however ensure you have get admission to to that code and don’t deliver it out to each person. Whoever has that code can manipulate the bot. This code will continually be right here in case you need it.

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