Guys Night out in Las Vegas

Guys Night out in Las Vegas

One of the top locations in the USA, Las Vegas, is the casino haven. It is the top place to go with your friends and have a blast. Anyway, if you are not a party animal, Las Vegas provides something to you as well. There are lots of locations to visit in Las Vegas both fun and charmingand will definitely provide you something no issue where you come from or what you love.

Guys party ideas in Las Vegas

Bellagio Casino & Fountain Show

The Bellagio is a top-end stunning resort with a number of gems hidden away in its corridors. You can visit the Botanical Gardens, Gallery of Fine Arts, as well as Conservatory here. The location houses several restaurants as well as salon and spa, apart from the legendary Bellagio casino which is one of the largest Las Vegas visitor attractions. This place rocks for getting Las Vegas strippers to come out to entertain your bachelor party with the ultimate package providing one midget dressed as a referee and 2 exotic dancers doing their show for the event.

Apart from all this, the wonderful fountain here is another popular spec. every 15 or so minutes, the fountain goes off with a charming showcase of water along with a music set. This foundation show is a must if you are looking for free things to view in Las Vegas.

Paris, Las Vegas

What can be amazing than covering 2 cities in one day? The Paris, Las Vegas, provide you the chance to do just that. Placed outside the resort is the model of Eiffel Tower which makes into the most of the Las Vegas images. You will find a “Paris Opera House” along with the charming Eiffel Tower restaurant in the building. Take the lift to the 46 floor and enjoy the views of the amazing city like you would have on the Eiffel Tower itself. If you are going with your wife, it is hands down one of the top locations to visit in Las Vegas.

The Strip

The strip is the best answer if you do not know where to enjoy in Las Vegas, USA. This almost three-kilometers long section runs via the heart of Sin City and is lined with deluxe resorts, grand restaurants, theme places, and jubilant casinos. It is even amazing to visit the strip at night as full city is then illuminated with neon signs and yellow lights, making it a wonderful experience. Frankly, all the top locations to view in Las Vegas are either around or close the Strip. This place is the ultimate place for bachelorettes and bachelor parties, with all the costume characters dressed on the street as well as many other entertainers as well.


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