Kundali Bhagya written update, August 1, 2019: Karan decides to stop

In the most recent scene of Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi arrives at Preeta’s home with his baaratis. Everybody goes to greet Prithvi and his family. Sarla has the wedding and invites them with aarti. Srishti sprinkles scent on him and he begins hacking. Prithvi attempts to intrigue Sarla with his sweet remarks. Dadi blows up observing Prithvi and marvels for what reason is Preeta getting hitched to him.
Kundali Bhagya attempts to sit around idly and makes Prithvi move. Srishti alongside her companions hit Prithvi while he is moving. Prithvi gets calls from Sherlyn and he chooses not to get her call. He sees Preeta and gets intrigued with her excellence. He envisions having Sherlyn and Preeta on either sides.
Sherlyn blows up as Prithvi does not pick her call. Rishabh and Karan dig out from a deficit and take a stab at clarifying Sherlyn about Mahesh’s drugs. Sherlyn carries on impolitely and says she has significant work to do. Karan faults Preeta for letting Rishabh wed Sherlyn.

Srishty discloses to him she couldn’t care less about him. The two get into a war of words. Prithvi takes steps to make a frenzy in the event that she expresses anything from her mouth. Srishty intentionally makes Prithvi tumble down. She cautions him not to provoke her once more.

Sarla asks Prithvi to go to the ‘mandap’. Somewhere else, Karan considers Preeta and removes his photos with her. He chooses to deliver retribution from her and stop her wedding with Prithvi. He likewise considers her in charge of his dad’s condition.

At the ‘mandap’, Prithvi is acquainted with the visitors. He at that point gives it back to Srishty by venturing on her foot, much the same as she did. Srishty promises to stop the wedding.

Janki attempts to make Preeta understand that she adores Karan. Preeta gets enthusiastic as Janki advises her to get hitched to Karan. Janki guarantees to make Karan and Preeta wedded. Sarla comes in and Preeta prevents Janki from saying anything to her. Sarla advises Preeta to get hitched and go to the mandap.

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