Megatron class contract Trout, but not the best in history

Megatron class contract Trout, but not the best in history

NEW YORK (AP) – Mike Trout, who is considered to be the best player in the major leagues, has agreed to an extension contract on condition of receiving an astronomical sum of $ 430 million and $ 483 million in his contract with the Los Angeles Angels on Dec. 20, did. It is the largest American professional sport ever.

Forbes, an American economist, has been attracted by the fact that there is a player who has contracted bigger than Trout if he widen the whole range of sports.

The main character is Floyd Mayweather (42), an undefeated boxer. Mayweather signed a contract with cable TV showtime in 2013 for six matches in 30 months. The contract also included conditions for receiving revenue from pay-TV viewing. 

Although Mayweather’s contract has never been made public, Forbes said he had received at least $ 200 million, or about $ 220 million, in a quotation from a source, and earned a total of $ 450 million ($ 508.5 million) in six games. The average price per game is about 75 million dollars (about 84.7 billion won).

It is well known that popular boxing players make money that goes beyond imagination. Boxing star Canelo Alvarez, who has been linked to Forbes as the third-ranked player after Mayweather and Trout, is expected to make $ 325 million (about 412.4 billion won) in 2018 with a live streaming site, DAZN, .

With the exception of Mayweather and Alvarez, it was mostly baseball players who ranked the top of the contract. Bryce Harper, who contracted with Philadelphia Phillies for $ 330 million ($ 378 million) in the year ahead of this season’s second-place Trout, was fourth, Giancarlos Stanton ($ 315 million in 2001), Manny Machado ($ 300 million in 10 years). Eight out of the top 10 sports player contracts are baseball players.

On the other hand, in the case of American professional basketball players (NBA players), they are pushed back at the contract level due to devices such as salary caps. James Harden, who has signed a $ 288 million contract with Houston Rockets for six years, is the 13th highest player in the can visit this site for more knowledge NBA중계.

However, NBA players rarely sign long-term contracts for more than a decade like major league players, often outperforming major league players on average. Harden received an annual average of $ 38 million, surpassing Trout ($ 35.83 million) and Harper ($ 25.38 million). Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City) and Steven Curry (Golden State) have an average annual salary of more than $ 40 million (about 45.2 billion won).

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