The battery is discharged even when the phone is not in use

The battery is discharged even when the phone is not in use

Looks like a toy, not for guess games Easy, slim and simple (supports two SIM cards) – this is the first impression of unpacking and picking up your hands, some of my colleagues at work have even appeared – a toy phone. Internet, if it were, the most important thing is that it can perform all the necessary smart functions – call, n

crawl on social networks, take pictures and film. Coolpad Porto S has a 5-inch diagonal HD (1280 x 720) display (295 PPI), but thanks to Miravision’s image enhancement technology, it perfectly adjusts the image itself. True, the screen has no protection, so the protective film or case will certainly not hurt.

The phone is equipped with a four-core Mediatek processor that will not work for gaming enthusiasts, but this phone, in my opinion, is not designed to play high-graphics games. 1 GB of phone memory is just not for modern games.

And it’s still slow. The Nokia Lumia 520, once tried, worked much faster even with 512 RAM working memory than this Chinese machine. Memory will suffice unless your internal phone memory is just eight GB, of which even three, 9 GB is for system software. What’s left for me as a consumer? Almost nothing, because the main applications used are still 2.7 GB, and where the application updates are released, just released every day. Several more photos and phone memories are filled according to that two days (!).

There was no place for games. I wanted to download the Asphalt 8: Airborne game for a try, wager unfortunately I had to give up most frequently used application files and not take a photo by phone. True, it is possible to expand the memory with a micro SD card (one SIM card account) up to 64 GB, but it is for music, photos and footage. In my opinion, the smartphone should have at least 16 GB of internal memory to be able to use the phone as a smart, not as simple as simply writing calls and sms. As for the camera,

The Coolpad comes with eight MP rear and 2 MP front cameras integrated. Yes, they are photographing, but is quality satisfied? Really not. A great deal of effort will be required to achieve the desired result. The camera itself is charging slowly. If in the vehicle mode and during the day, good light can still be captured by good lighting, then in the twilight it is better not to torture yourself to get a quality picture.

I think young people will not really like the weak camera because it is very important for them to take pictures and share photos with friends. For older people who only need a phone camera in rare cases (such as my mother-in-law), I think it is the perfect one.

Another drawback that will certainly not appeal to more active users is the battery life. Although it has a capacity of 2000 mAh, it even discharges unused. In the evening, when the phone was overnight and the phone was not used in the night, 10% of the battery fell in the morning. Thinking a little? After a day without using the phone completely, I see in the corner of the screen that only 37% of the lifetime is left.

Maybe after a while when the battery will charge several times, the results will be better, wager at first it really disappointed me. With more active use of the phone, you will need to look for the end of your work if you want to take a walk and still be available. And it’s not loading for a short time – if the battery is almost discharged, it will be fully charged for more than two hours, so the fast charging function won’t really bump can visit this site telefonu deklai.

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